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Dec. 29, 2007
I'm composing my family history (Putnam descendants) and need help with a descendant who died in Freestone Co. on 9 Mar 1929 according to the Texas Death Index.  His name was OLIVER MARTIN HARPER.  He married in Madison Co., in  1888 to B. L. (Lena, I believe) Waters. They were on the 1910 and 1920 census records for Teague, Freestone, TX.
I had hoped to find a burial record, but have not been able to.  I need to know his birth date and that of his wife as well. Need help with anyone who has knowledge of this family - always hopeful.  Betty Wall

Nov. 28 2007
Bounds -- Does anyone have any information on Anges Cole Bounds reportedly buried in Cotton Gin Cemetery.  No headstone, death date on listing is 1870.  Any idea where the info came from.  Juanita Brown

Nov 27, 2007
Givens -- I am interested in finding the graves of a great uncle & great aunt who lived in Wortham, Freestone Co., TX.  My great uncle was John A. Givens, b. 9 Feb 1858 & his sister was Sarah Jane Givens Morris, b 21 Oct 1859.  She was married to Tom A. Morris, who died on 3 Jan 1907.  I found them on the 1910 & 1920 census, living together in Wortham, TX.  I could not find either of them on the 1930 census & think they probably were already dead by then.  I would appreciate any info or hints to aid me in finding them.  Mary McGhee

Nov. 25, 2007
Bounds Hardware Store -- Does anyone have any info on the Bounds Hardware Store in Wortham?  Ronnie Richardson

Nov. 23, 2007
Tarver/Truitt families -- Searching for information on Nelson Tarver who was the first Chief Justice and F. M. Truitt or Francis Truitt who was Assessor and Collector of Taxes (he was Nelson's son-in-law).  Any info appreciated.  Dan Ellis

Nov. 2, 2007
Burks -- My grandfather was William Martin Burks, born July 1899 in Teague, TX (married Wilmoth A. Sanders in Palestine, TX).  His mother's name was Dollie Moore, daughter of Rev. Smith Moore, who was a Methodist minister.  I am searching for any information on my greatgrandfather, Benjamin Martin Burks.  From the limited info that I have, the family did not approve of his marriage to Dollie, as he was oldeer and had been divorced?  I have also been told that Benjamin's parents may have been John Wesley Burks and Louisa Martin Burks from Ellis Co., TX.  He died when my grandfather was very young (around 1900-1903) or maybe before his birth in 1899.  In the 1900 census, it shows my grandfather and Dollie living with her parents, the Moores in Freestone Co.  Any info appreciated.  Ken Alford

Oct. 29, 2007
Gilson -- Trying to locate the grave site for Guy R. Gilson, his birth was about 1900 and his death was Nov 1965, death place was Donie, TX.  I need to find his obituary.  I have 2 Guy R. Gilson, they are father and son, trying to see if fI have the one from Porter TX or if it is his son.  Thank you ever so much. Maurine

Oct 11, 2007
Corley -- Looking for the death and burial of Eliza J. Merrell Corley, wife of R. W. (Rufus Wright) Corley.  They married 1-1877 in Woodville, Tyler Co., TX.  She was born in 1859 in TX.  In 1880 they lived in Freestone Co., TX.  She was 21 with two daughters.  On the census it said "Z" age 2 and "U" age 1.  I know "Z" was Zella but not a clue on the "U".  There was 1 more daughter, Carrie in 1884.  Then son Elmo in 1886 or a year or 2 later.  Eliza died around Mexia or close by.  R. W. married Mattie Perkins in Freestone in 1891.  We have looked at all cemetery records.  We can not find Eliza or Daughter U.  Any help or suggestions?  Thanks ever so much  Beverly Anderson

Sept 13, 2007
Mosley (Moseley) -- I am searching for records relating to my great grandfather, Edward Bailey Mosely (Moseley) and my great grandmother, Leila McLaughlin Mosley.  They moved to Teague about 1906 or 1907.  They and their children lived in Teague where my grandfather worked on the railroad in the city.  Children's names are Mildred, Edward B, Jr. and Nada.  In 1909, my great grandfather dies of pneumonia and the family was sent to the Corsicana Odd Fellows Orphanage.  If anyone has any information I would love to hear from you.  Gale Wareham

Sept 6, 2007
Compton/Conaway -- Could someone confirm the date of Felix Richard Compton and Susan Conaway's marriage.  Some sources have 1859 and some 1857.  Thank you Jan Jordan

Sept 2, 2007
Martin/Rawls property -- My family is from Fairfield.  My grandfather was Larkin Rawls.  His father and step-father owned property there and I was curious if anyone knows where it is at?  His step-father was Robert Toomb Martin.  I would appreciate any information  Laverne Currie

August 17, 2007
Reid -- I am looking for information on Sonja Ann Reid, born Teague, TX 1836-1939.   Mike Jones

August 17, 2007
Conaway -- I am looking for info on Samuel Walter Conaway (my great grandpa).  He is supposed to be buried in Fairfield around 1890.  Any help would be greatly appreciated  Larry Conaway

August 15, 2007
Harrison -- I am looking for information on my gggrandfather and gggrandmother (Robert N. Harrison b. 1836 in alabama but m. 1861 (Freestone Co.) to Mary Elizabeth (Walker) Harrison.  Will appreciate any assistance.   Gary Swaim

July 23, 2007
Sammon -- I am looking for the burial place of my Great-Grandfather, Thomas David Hale Sammon.  His regular name was Tom Sammons.  I think he died in Oakwood around 1913.  I know for a fact that he was living there when he died.  I can find no record of his burial or his wife anywhere in Oakwood.  He could possibly have been buried in Freestone Co.  Does anyone have any information on this burial?  Thanks,  Murry Alewine

July 3, 2007
Mason -- I am looking for the Mason family who settled in Freestone and Leon Co.  Job Mason b. May 1826, Shelby, AL married Belsora Evans about 1850.  Job died 31 Jan 1902.  Job's parents were John L. Mason and Frances Blackerby or Blackeby.
Children of Job and Belsora were:  John L. Mason b. 1853 in Freestone Co., Benjamin Robert Mason, my great grandfather, b. 1855 in Freestone Co., Robert E. Mason, b. 1859, Clark Mason b. 1851 Freestone Co., TX.  Any information would be greatly appreciated.  Mary A. Craig

July 2, 2007
Brown -- I am trying to find graves of John W. Brown and wife Mary Bay Brown around Teague.  Las census was 1930.  He was born abt 1878.  He and Mary were there in 1910, 1920 & 1930.
Also looking for their daughter Eloise who was 7 years in 1920 census but was not in the 1930.  Don't know who she married.  Thanks, Melba Miller

June 30, 2007
Woods -- I am looking for any family members of Mrs. Lola M. Woods who lived in Teague before 1987.  Mrs. Woods mother was Agnes Owen, who lived at the Fairview Nursing Home until death in 1982.  We are expecially looking for relatives to pass on heirlooms and pictures.  Thank you,  Wayne Owen

June 23, 2007
Granberry/Langston -- Am looking for family of Mrs. J. H. Granberry.  She was listed as a surviving daughter of William C. Langston who died in 1916 in Corsicana, Navarro Co., TX.  I am grandson of her brother, William Dean Langston.  Am interested in finding info on her grandparents.  Thanks Ed Langston

June 23, 2007
Sartor -- I would like to correspond and share information with anyone researching the Sartor family in Freestone Co., TX.  Of particular interest to me is William Mack Sartor (1839-1917) married to Harriett M. Graham (1845 to 1925).  Betty Laney  alternate email is betty_laney@yahoo.com

June 21, 2007
Lee/Cheshire --I am trying to locate the descendants of Annie Lovell Cheshire and Henry David Lee of Freestone Co.  Annie, born in 1902, was the daughter of Mary Rivers and James W. Cheshire.  Annie and Henry were married in 1920 in Fairfield.  There were five (maybe six) children born to the union of this marriage.
(1) Rebecca Lee, b. 1921; (2) Mattie Lee, b 1923; (3) Katie Maye, b 1925; (4) Annie R., b. 1934 (5) Henry David, Jr., b. 1935 -- all five being born in Freestone Co.
Their possible sixth child was born in 1929 in Williamson Co., TX and her name was Mary A.   Katie died in Harris Co., TX in 2002 and left four surviving children and Henry David, Jr. lived in Harris Co., TX area in the late 1960's & early 1970's.  Any further information concerning the marital history, grave sites and/or county of death, obituary notices and/or county of residence of the descendants of Rebecca, Mattie, Annie, Henry, Jr. or Mary would be greatly appreciated.  Keith Hunter

June 21, 2007
Cheshire -- I am trying to locate the grave site of James W. Cheshire, born about 1865, who was a resident of Freestone Co. just after the turn of the century.  Jim (as he was called) was the chef at the hotel in Fairfield.  In 1902 he married Mary Rebecca Rivers (from Clarke Co., AL) and they lived in Kirvin-Wortham area beside her brother Stephen Henry Rivers' place.
They had three children born to their marriage:
1) Annie Lovell, in 1902 who later married Henry David Lee and lived in Freestone Co
2) James Pascal, born in 1904 who later married Evelyn and moved to Enola, AR
3) an infant who died in 1910 (name unknown)
It is believed that Mr. Cheshire may have been born in LA, according to census records of his children, but in any event had either moved off or died sometime between 1910 and 1920.  It's possible he had some ties to Arkansas.  Also, during this time period, Mary had re-married a man named Young Simeon Allen of Worthan and Annie and Pascal were living in their household in 1920.  No record of his enlisting in WWI has been found.  Any help in locating his grave site, the date and location of his death or any other information concerning his family would be greatly appreciated.  Thank you.  Ed Braswell

June 11, 2007
Looking for photo -- I am looking for a photo of the Company G 7th Texas Infantry Regiment, W. L. Moody.  If anyone has any information where I might find one please contact me.  Leslie Harris

June 11, 2007
Milliken -- I am seeking any descendants of Robert Harris Milliken and his wife Francis "Fannie" Isabelle Ham.  Their children (who survived to adulthood) would be Ammah/Annah Grace, Walter Clarence, Annie Lizzie (McClendon), Gurley Lee (Epps), Bobbie Louise (Thompson), Robert Hamilton and finally russell Franklin (from whom I am descended).  Keith Hunter
            In Response: Oct 21, 2007 -- The following is information on Robert Harris Milliken's parents and grandparents
                        Hugh Milliken and Mary (Polly) Copeland m. Mar. 1, 1816 in Logan Co., KY.  In 1836 Hugh moved with his
                        family to Texas.  He died in 1867 and Mary died in 1870; both are buried in Trinity, Trinity Co., TX.
                        Their children: Henry remained in Kentucky, Mahalia, George Hugh, John C., Martha, Agnes-my ggrandmother,
                        Robert, and William.  Robert was Robert Harris' father.  Sharon CHILDERS Alderman

May 28, 2007
Cunningham -- I am looking for information about David Smith Cunningham and his wife Anna.  I know they lived in Freestone Co., TX in January of 1893.  At that time they sold David's 1/10 interest in the homestead property of his father Wiley D. Cunningham in Arkansas.  The beginning of the deed says they were of Freestone TX.  Then Anna appears before a justice of the peace G. B. Rand in Bald Prairie in Robertson Co., TX to relinquish her claim to dower.  This was dated 24 Jan 1893.  I need to know if David and Anna had children and when David died.  My understanding is that he died before the 1900 census.  Thank you.  Please contact Gwen Cunningham

April 4, 2007
Walker/Day families -- I am seeking information on the family of William Andrew Walker and Emeline Day.  They were married Dec. 4, 1873 in Freestone Co.  Children: Carrie Rozella Walker b. Sept 29, 1876, d. Aug. 13, 1960, John Walker b. 1880 Freestone Co.
Emeline Day was the daughter of John H. Day and Elizabeth Quarles.  She came to Texas with her parents and married William Andrew Walker there.  Thank you.  Bobby Sharp

March 28, 2007
Fairfield Female College -- My great great grandfather was Dr. David Dies.  He along with his wife Sarah Jane "Sallie" Pyburn and the Dies/Pyburn families arrived in Freestone Co. by covered wagon from Jackson Parish, LA some time in the 1870's.  Sarah Jane died in 1876 and Dr. Dies died in 1889.  The five children (the oldest of which was 17) were raised by the maternal grandmother, a Mrs. Pyburn.  The Oldest son Martin Dies became a Congressman from Beaumont (1900-1919).  His son also named Martin Dies was my grandfather.  He also served in Congress and was the founder of the House Un-American Activities committee in 1936.
Dr. Dies taught at the old Fairfield Female College.
We have no picture of Dr. Dies or his wife Sarah and know little of their history.
If anyone is aware of any history of the Fairfield Female College that might lead me to discovery of any facts regarding my ancestor's history I would be very grateful.     Martin Dies IV

March 25, 2007
-- I have been looking for a John Blakely that is supposed to be buried in the Fairfield Cemetery.  He was born in SC in 1786.  He died in Freestone Co.  His death date would be either 1863 or 1864.  There may be a Francis which was his 2nd wife.  I hope you will be able to help me.  Thanks Ruby Blakely Sexton

March 24, 2007
McKinney/Kendall -- I am looking for information on the surname McKinney.  I have several family members that came to Freestone to settle from KY and died there.  I have found a few of them in the Wortham Cemetery, John Calvin McKinney and his wife Beulah Kendal McKinner and onf of his brothers David Elmer McKinney and his wife Minnie Augusta Chancellor McKinney.  Another sister in law in the Fairfield Cemetery but not sure where her husband/his brother is buried at, John Guy McKinney.  Anything on any McKinney's or Kendall families in this area and willing to share information too.   RJ Dooley

March 14, 2007
Patterson -- My grandmother, Effie Yates Patterson Livingston b. 1884, and my step-grandfather, Charlie E. Livingston, lived near Curry.  Their mailing address was Wortham.  I am trying to locate the old house they lived in.  Charlie b. 1880 was the second generation to live in the house.  The farm was sold.  I was told the old house was moved away to be preserved.  Does anyone know where this old house could be?  If it is still standing.     Gloria Jalufka

March 6, 2007
Henderson -- I am trying to locate the cemetery that my great-grandmother was buried in and the cemetery that my great, great-grandmother was buried in.  I -believe that my great-grandmother, Josie Henderson might be in the Cade Cemetery, there is a Josie Henderson there with possible birth and death years that could be the same.  I know the family was in Navarro and Freestone counties from the mid 1900's and sometime after 1930.  Any help would be appreciated in locating where they are buried.
Frank Henderson

January 20, 2007
Jones -- Looking for information on Andrew Jackson Jones, born April 13, 1884 in Donie, Freestone Co., TX.  His wife was Rosa.  They had 4 children that I am aware of....J.D. b. 1912, Jodie b. 1913, A. J. b. 1916, and John D. b. 1919.  In 1930 they were in Lynn Co., TX.  Anything would be appreciated.

January 17, 2007
Jones -- Some of my family came from SC and some from TN.  They came to Freestone and Limestone Co.  I am looking for John Thomas Jones and wife Jemima George Jones.  Jemima;s father was Hugh T. George.  Their mother was Matilda Edwards George.  She died in Sumner Co., TN.  Hugh brought his 2 little girls to Freestone Co., Clay Hill.  He then married Sarah Chaffin.  I would really appreciate any information on this family.
Tammie Little Bourgeois

January 10, 2007
Couchman -- I am seeking any information on Couchman, TX and any Couchman's who lived or are living in Freestone Co., TX  Stephen & Catherine Couchman

January 3, 2007
Thompson --  am searching for Paul S. Thompson who contributed the FLOYD AUGUSTUS THOMPSON family group sheet on this site.  Please contact me
Bessie Thompson Linn