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Dec 5, 2010
I am looking for information on Ed Boyd b. 10 Feb 1883 d. 9 Dec 1907. buried in the Cotton Gin Cemetery.  Who were his parents? He married Ophelia Simmons 5 Oct 1902 in Freestone Co.  Does anyone have any information on their children? I believe they are: Louis b. 1904, Fred b. 1905 and Fannie (Harriet Mae) b. 1906/7.  Bobby Sharp

Dec 1, 2010
We are trying to locate obituaries for 3 individuals who were residents of Freestone Co. prior to their death.  We are having difficulty getting any responses from the Libraries. The individuals we are trying to locate Obits for are:
Dave Felix aka David Felix
Birth date: 5/10/1875
Date of death: 3/20/1940
Julia McGee
Birth date: about 1894
Date of death: 2/9/1966
Will McGee
Birth date: about 1882
Date of death: 5/4/1955
Any information you can provide will be helpful. Lori Hauge

Nov 13, 2010
We were told by a good source early on that Lucinda Ferguson Thomas (married William Thomas) and Louisa Ferguson Mills (married James L. Mills) "Louisiana" was her name, but she went by Louisa A., were buried in the Wilson Chapel Cemetery in unmarked graves.  Leslie Moses Ferguson died in 1891 in Freestone Co., TX.  If he was buried in Wilson Chapel, he's in unmarked grave.  These are 3 children of Aaron David Ferguson that are apparently buried in unmarked graves.  Can someone shed some light on this matter? June Ferguson Hollingshead

Nov 8, 2010
Can someone give me directions to Llewellen Cemetery in Freestone Co.?  Paul Hertel

Oct. 21, 2010
I am descendant of Aaron David (A. D.) and Adeline Ferguson that are buried in Wilson Chapel Cemetery along with several other kinfolk. They have headstones there. Do you by chance have a list of those buried in this cemetery in unmarked graves? I have been trying to find one of Aaron David’s sons, Leslie Moses Ferguson that died in 1891, quite young, was married to Belle Burleson. Also Aaron had daughter, Louisa A. that married a Mills that have been told she’s in unmarked grave.
Your comments appreciated. June Ferguson Hollingshead

Oct. 18, 2010
I am looking for information regarding William Dyer West who died in Fairfield, Freestone Co 6 September 1954 and his sister Rose Miriam West Sanger who died in Fairfield, Freestone Co 11 March 1984. Mrs. Sanger was a widow but she had been a County Auditor for Freestone Co. while alive. Any information including obituaries that you might have would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Mary West Takacs

Oct 7, 2010
Looking for burial location for Robert Newton Camron/Cameron.  Susan Oliver

Oct. 3, 2010
My name is Jim Ford. I was born in Mexia. We lived in Cotton Gin until 1954. I attended school in Teague until 4th grade.I live in Alvin, Tx now and and my wife's maiden name was Botter. We just found records of a Marvin Botter, Don't know where he was born in 1877, but at some time he lived in Teague. He died there on June 17, 1927. I can't find a cemetery record/location of his burial. Can you help me with this? My parents and brother are buried in the Cotton Gin cemetery and I go there whenever I can. Always enjoy driving through Teague, Fairfield and Mexia. Thanks, Jim Ford, Alvin, Tx.

Sept. 27, 2010
I am looking for the grave of my great grandfather, John Fort Yankee, buried in Freestone County. (B: aug. 10, 1832) He died Nov. 6, 1888. My great uncle, James F. Yankee may also be buried there (b: July 15, 1836. date of death unknown). Thanks.
Carol Halley

Sept. 12, 2010
My mother, Alma (Almae) Morgan Mitchell and her siblings were born in and around the area. I found her as a one year old in the 1920 Census in Groesbeck, Limestone, Texas. Roll T625_1829, Page; 10A; Enumeration District: 82, Image; 121. She was the oldest child of William Morgan (1897) & Eunice Jones. Her mother, Eunice was the oldest of ten children born to Carrie Dancer and Tom Jones.
My mother’s (Almae) father, William’s mother and father were Green N. Morgan and Mollie Alexander. I believe that Green Morgan’ father was also Wm. Morgan, born abt 1842.
Please share your thoughts, comments and/or expertise with me. I have started Family trees on as Minijmitchell1213.  Sincerely, Minnie J. Mitchell

July 30, 2010
I am searching for any info on Stell Lee MINCHEW d. Dec 9, 1981.  She is listed as widowed and I am trying to find a connection to the other Minchews who have lived and died in Freestone Co.  Thanks Paul Minshew

June 26, 2010
My name is Arnold P. Powers and I'm in the process of writing our family history from my mother's side of the family only because of the limit information from the Powers side of the family.  I'm looking for my Great Grandmother who lived in Coolidge and Teague around 1910 to 1923.  Her name was Callie (Dalton or Daulton) Jones.  She was married to William (Will) Jones in 1911.  My Grandmother, Annie Zora (Jones) Carroll was born in either Coolidge of Teague in 1908 and died in Dallas in 2002.  Her mother died, according to my Grandmother, a mysterious death in 1923 as no records of her existance can be found other than the marriage records and the 1910 Census. Any information you've heard of or can direct me would be greatly appreciated. As for as the Powers go, my Dad, James W. Powers, Jr passed in 2009, never spoke much about the Powers other than to say, his father was born in Calvert,TX and his Dad was named Watson Powers and his mother was Laura Warren.  It's sad but that's it.  I am however now curious about the Powers since I saw your write up, could there be a connection. Arnold Powers

June 21, 2010
Am looking for some info on the COMPTON family. The family history I’ve learned recently has left me deeply moved – in particular, the hints of the story of my Great-great-great grandfather, Capt. Felix Compton, who died of his wounds, at home on furlough from the Texas Cavalry (CSA) in May of 1865…and his wife Susan, who died in March of 1866, leaving two very small children. Those bare bones of fact have captured my imagination as I try to fill in the pieces of a tragedy I will never know. Thanks Beth Ayers

May 25, 2010
Can anyone tell me if Elizabeth Hoffman or Mary Goodman are buried in Freestone Co.? Thanks
Donald P. Goodman

March 30, 2010
I am looking for graves for my ancestors:
Callie Jane Demmings or Saul Jacobs in Wortham.. I am not sure the name of the cemetary. They were African American. Thank you for any help you can give.  Georgia Day-Thomas

March 26, 2010
I'm looking for any information about my Grandmother(great/great) She was Malinda Barrington Buckner. Can you help me? Thank you, Lynda Gayle Wilson, Hicks

March 21, 2010
I’m seeking any information about a Joseph Lemuel ALLEN born about 1883 in Freestone County, TX. and/or Ola (Ollie) Mae Oliphant, born in Navarro County, married to each other date unknown.
I have a birth certificate (Affidavit) from Ellis County dated May 1942 stating these were the parents of Lemuel Cleo Allen born 9/5/1906. It also states that Joseph was born in Freestone County and Ola was born in Navarro County.
Lemuel Cleo Allen, also known as Cleo L. Allen was my grandfather. Any assistance would be appreciated.
B. J. Allen

I am looking for the burial place of my grandfather.  I have always been told the cemetery was Wildcat, then told that it was Union Cemetery.  The name and info follows:
Daniel Andrew Hawthorne - died June 1968 in Dallas
It is my understanding that his parents were there also:
Harvey Hixson Hawthorne and Sally Abigail Starnes Hawthorne.
I do not know dates of death of my greatgrandparents other that Great Grandma Hawthorne died approx. 1953.  Any help would be appreciated.  Joyce Piper