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You can find the Freestone Co. Death Index HERE

My thanks to Mike Pruitt for his submission of Obits for both Freestone and Limestone Counties.  Although some are buried in Limestone Co., many of them grew up in Freestone Co. so Mike thought if some researchers were looking for them they could be picked up in either county.
You can find them here Obits Pg 2  and here Obits Pg 3

Obituary Submitter
Ammons, Maxwell Eugene "Gene" Patricia Keenan
Ammons, Shirley June (Steele) Patricia Keenan
Atchley, James D Jackye Penney
Bloxom, Leonard Washington Ronnie Pitman
Bonner, Hugh Eric Wood
Bonner, Rev. Thomas Joell Eric Wood
Bonner, William Sr. Eric Wood
Bowen, Vera Grace Brown Deborah Petersen
Boyd, Deliah Lewis Boyd
Boyd, William Lewis Boyd
Bradley, Josephine Lee McCrery Eric Wood
Cannon, Verdie McAdams Annette Burdett
Carpenter, Billy Delyghte Annette Burdett
Carpenter, Florence Ann Farnsworth
Carroll, Bobby Dean Annette Burdett
Cate, Elsie P. Rodney Cate
Cate, Tommy A. Rodney Cate
Clary, Betty A. (Gehrels) Patricia Keenan
Cochrum, Lois (Christian) Patricia Keenan
Como, Norma Bertha Annette Burdett
Cooper, Edward L, Jr. Annette Burdett
Cooper, Lettie M Annette Burdett
Cummings, Nora Yates Eric Wood
David, William Haden Jr. Jackye Penney
David, William Haden Sr. Jackye Penney
Day, Dennis Van Annette Burdett
Day, Valentine Catherine Simmons
Dubose, Lena "Lea" Deborah Petersen
Duggin, Franklin Pierce Catherine Simmons
Dunn, Dr. James Ira Jr. Deborah Peterson
DuShane, Ethel Mae Yale St. Clair
Emmons, Joe Fred Annette Burdett
Emmons, Lottie Robertson Annette Burdett
Emmons, Mattie E. Annette Burdett
Emmons, Reagan Annette Burdett
Emmons, Ruby Gilpin Annette Burdett
Epperson, Charles R. Annette Burdett
Evans, Gladys Annette Burdett
Ewings, Arbella Perkins CBurks 3/27/08
Ezell, Edward Brenda Bulin Hammons
Fairly, James William Annette Burdett
Frazier, Theo Yale St. Clair
Garrett, Sarah Eliza Annette Burdett
Gibson, Sarah Caldonia (Hancock) Patsy Hughes Carter
Glazener, Una Loyd Annette Burdett
Granberry, Norma Annette Burdett
Gray, Elizabeth Annette Burdett
Gribble, Truddie L. Annette Burdett
Hall, Rufus F. Annette Burdett
Ham, Edna Emmons Annette Burdett
Harriss, Jewel Mary Frances Flournoy
Harriss, Lennard Mary Frances Flournoy
Harriss, Minyard Mary Frances Flournoy
Hartley, James Walter Jackye Penney
Hartley, Mary Ella (Daisy) Jackye Penney
Hawes, Bennie Annette Burdett
Howell, James Hugh Deborah Petersen
Howell, W. A. Edna Cheatham
Huffman, Herbert Dale Patricia Keenan
Jackson, Mary E. Annette Burdett
Jackson, Mr. And Mrs. M.T., child of Ann Farnsworth
Johnson Children Ann Farnsworth
Johnston, Walter Ann Farnsworth
Lee, Thomas Allen Ann Farnsworth
McCrery, William Hemphill Eric Wood
Mainord, Gertrude Jackye Penney
May, Brown Catherine Simmons
May, Yvonne Deborah Petersen
Milliken, Angie May Catherine Simmons
Milliken, Russell F., Jr. Keith Hunter
Newsom, Ralph Eldon Sr. unknown
Nussbaum, H. C. Ann Farnsworth
Oden, Rev. R. Ann Farnsworth
Phillips, Carol Carter Patricia Keenan
Phillips, Homer Annette Burdett
Proctor, Lovie M. Sheryl Jones
Prowel, C. H. Ann Farnsworth
Rigsby, Katherine Irene Deborah Petersen
Robertson, Newt Annette Burdett
Schill, Hazel Patricia Keenan
Scott, Tommie Patsy Hughes Carter
Sheilds, Lina Mae Annette Burdett
Spates, Mldred Olga Deborah Petersen
Spradlin, Shane A. Annette Burdett
Tacker, Laura (Black) Patricia Keenan
Thompson, Esther Annette Burdett
Tucker, Robert "Fred" Patricia Keenan
Turner, Magruder Lewis Boyd
Vaughan, John Lewis Joan Singletary
Vickery, Mattie (Cherry) Rodney Cate
White, Adolphus H. Jackye Penney
White, Helen Jackye Penney
Willard, Pearl L. Annette Burdett
Willard, Telitha Summers Rebecca Bryson
Willard, William W. Rebecca Bryson
Winn, Lena Robertson Annette Burdett
Wood, Annie Laura Bonner Eric Wood