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Bible Records & Family Histories
Griffin Bible
Hale Family Genealogy
Tully Choice Bible (Gregg & Smith Counties)
T J Allison, Md. Autobiography - Family History

Lacy Phone Company
Various Gregg County Businesses
1947 Businesses


Precinct List for all census years   
1860 Census of Pioneer Gregg Families
1870 - Gregg Not Yet Formed - Check Upshur & Rusk Counties
1880 Gregg County Census - In Archives - First Census For Gregg County
1880 Gregg County Census Index - Cross Referenced
1890 Gregg County Census - Majority of US Counties Census Destroyed in Fire...Including Gregg
1900 Gregg County Census - In Archives - Donated by the East Texas Genealogical Society
1900 Gregg County Precinct 3
1910 Gladewater Census Heads of Households 
1910 Kilgore Census Heads of Households 
1910 Gregg County Census
1930 Gregg County Census
1930 Enumeration Districts

This is a project that everyone can help with. If you would like to volunteer to help transcribe a census index, please contact Elaine, Etta & Sheila.  If you do not want to help transcribe, you can still help by ordering the census CD from S&K publications.

To see how this census program works, click this link:  S & K Census

For the 1900 Census CD, it will require 13 people to pledge to pay $20 each. For that $20 you will receive the CD of the actual filmed census.  S&K will also donate a CD of the filmed census to the USGenWeb where they will put it online for everyone to use. After 13 people have ordered the 1900 Census CD, it will take about 3 months to get it.  Then we will proceed with the next census.  (1910 census needs 15 people, 1920 census needs 17 people) So if you want a particular census, order it and put it in line to be filmed onto CD's.

When these census records become available online, we will link to them. Meanwhile you can access them by microfilm at some local libraries, LDS libraries, and the regional national archives.  Most libraries can order them as an interlibrary loan.

County & City Government
1873 January Jury List
1873 Grand Jury List
1873-1973 Gladewater Postmasters
1873 First Gregg County Election
1876 Precinct 6 Petition
1885 Longview Volunteer Fire Co.
1888 Longview Fire Department Grand Annual Ball   
1897 Murder Indictment
Probate Records Prior to 1900
County Officials - Various years from 1902 - 1930
1903 Longview Women's Prohibition Petition
Longview City Officials ca. 1910
1920 & 1921 Sheriff's Sales
1930-1932 Longview Street Repairs
1932 Courthouse Plaque
Ca 1940 Nine Acre Mansion Open House Guest List
Ca 1940 Nine Acre Mansion Interior Description
1945-1970 Population Statistics
1947 Longview Fire Department Members
1949 20 Year Fire Department Pin
1953 Firefighters Repairing Christmas Toys
Gregg County Postmasters
Longview Postmasters
Gregg County Sheriffs
Judicial Records Search - Criminal & Civil Cases
Kilgore Buys Danville Cemetery

You can now do a search of the Gregg County Judicial Records,
County Clerk's Records, and Property Tax Records

Official Gregg County Website

1854 New Danville Masonic Female Academy 
Pre 1880 Early Longview School Classes
1889 Ida Butt's Private School  
1892 Bethel School 
1893 Operetta at Alexander Institute
1895 - Gladewaters First School 
1901 Gladewater Students
Gregg County School Board Officers ca. 1910
1911 Longview High School Commencement Program 
1920 Kilgore 7th Grade Class
1920 George H Mercer's 7th Grade Graduation Certificate
1923 Kilgore High School Graduation
1929 Kilgore High School Graduation Class
1933 Gladewater High School Graduation Class
1934 Longview High Students & Faculty
1935 Kilgore High School Reflector Yearbook     
1936 Gladewater Bears' Tale Annual
1938 Reflector Yearbook - Kilgore High School
1940 Gladewater High School Students
1941 Gladewater High School Students   
Springhill Class of 1942 Students/faculty     Archived
Danville School Facts
1947 White Oak Roughneck Annual     

Funeral Home Records & Obits
McCauley Funeral Home Programs (Black)   Scans of the actual programs
Forman Funeral Home Records
Gladewater Funeral Home Records
Gregg County Obits (1600+)
Death Notices From Misc. Papers

Land, Tax & Deed Records
Scan of 1874 Land Plat 1874 Tax List
Gregg County Land Survey      Archived 1874 Tax List South of the Sabine River
Original 100 Acres of Longview 1889 Poll Tax Petition
1875 Tax Records - Archived 1890 Tax List

You can now do a search of the Gregg County Judicial Records,
County Clerk's Records, and Property Tax Records

Official Gregg County Website

Gladewater Doctors 1873-1973
1903 Gregg County Medical Society
1905 Gregg County Medical Society
1909 Physicians Notice
First Pioneer Dentists

1890 Gregg County Union Soldier Schedule
1905 Confederate Veterans Picnic
1908 United Daughters of the Confederacy
1920 Federation Committee
Civil War Pension Applications
Confederate Soldiers of Rosedale Cemetery  
Confederate Pension Applications      
Courthouse Monument of Gregg County War Casualities
CSA Veterans Buried in Gregg & East Texas
Early Gregg County Residents in the War Between The States
Gladewater Veteran's War Memorial
Gladewater War Vets
Gregg County Vietnam Soldiers Killed
In Memory Of Gregg County WWII Veterans
Korean War Casualties
Longview's First Volunteers WWI
Men & Women in WWII of Gregg County    
S. W. Derryberry, Confederate Pension Application      Archived
WWI Vets of Gregg County
WWII Casualities

Newspapers - Early County & Local Articles
Sept 25, 1866 Teague - Tabler killing  -  Thanks to L R Henderson for this great item
1871-2000 Longview Newspapers
May 16, 1874 Bethel Colored Church
Hanging of Hadley & Powell - 1878
1881 Longview Democrat
New Texas Era Sept. 21, 1881
1882 Weddings
1885 Notaries Public
1886 - Suicide?
Jan. 24, 1894 Longview Times
Times Clarion Oct 23, 1896 - Alexander Institute
Times Clarion Oct 23, 1896 - Kilgore Jottings
1902 Gregg County News
1904 Gladewater Gazette
Oct 8, 1907 Murder    
1910 - 1st Car of Gladewater
Aug. 13, 1920 Longview Daily Leader
Feb. 8, 1921 Longview Daily Leader
Sep. 6, 1922 Longview Dailey Leader - Gladewater News  
Nov. 14, 1924 Gladewater Hi-Ways
Early 1920's Newspaper Article: 18 Years Ago In Longview
1925 Recital at Gladewater High School
1931 Marlin, TX Daily Democrat Newspaper Article on Longview Man
1931 Marlin, TX Daily Democrat Newspaper Article on Kilgore Murder
1931 Marlin, TX Daily Democrat Newspaper Article on Spring Hill Church Oil Gusher
1931 Marlin, Tx Daily Democrat Newspaper Article on Hubert M Harrison
1932 Houston Post - Longview Oil Theft Indictments
152 Year Old Griffin Ranch
History of Gregg County Newspapers
Misc Newspaper Snippets 1874-1900
Misc Newspaper Snippets 1901-1925
Misc Newspaper Snippets 1926-1950
East Texas Landowners Association - 1931

Organizations - Civic & Fraternal
Danville Masonic Lodge (1851-1854)
1851 Tusculum Lodge #86 (Pine Tree)
1900 Knights of Pythias Installation
1901-1041 Gladewater Masonic Lodge No. 852
1920 Longview Chamber of Commerce Members
1932-1940 Gladewater Eastern Star
1933 Gladewater
1939 Longview Chamber of Commerce Officers/Directors
1947 Civic Clubs
1956 Elks Lodge Election
Dates in the Life of the Elks Lodge No. 1128
Elks Lodge No. 1128 Charter Members
Women's Clubs of Longview

1903-1912 Longview Cannibals Baseball Team
1915 Longview High School Football Team

Vital Statistics
In order to protect the living, we will not provide any vital statistic information after 1920.

Gregg County Clerks Office Vital Records

1873-1876 1880 Mortality Schedule Early Gregg Marriages
- 1906-1915 -
- 1964 Marriages to 1900 Partial
- 1965 -
- 1969 - 1999       Archived -

You can now do a search of the Gregg County Judicial Records,
County Clerk's Records, and Property Tax Records

Official Gregg County Website


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